Minor issues

I installed ReSharper 4.1 and see a few issues are outstanding. These are
not earth shattering by any stretch of the imagination... most of these are
minor annoyances I hope can be addressed in the next release. Using the
following class:

namespace ReSharperTests
public enum SomeEnum
One = 1,
Two = 2,
Three = 3

public class Class1
public class Test
public SomeEnum X { get; set; }

public void DoSomething()
// SomeEnum SomeEnum;
// cursor here

Place the cursor on a new line below the comment and type "x =
someenum.one;" and you'll likely get "x = SomeEnum.One;". In other words,
IntelliSense doesn't work for the X variable for some reason. I can type any
other letter of the alphabet to see types and variables beginning with that
letter, but the list is completely empty when I type x. IntelliSense works
fine if I create two or more variables that begin with X, but nada with only
one variable.

A slight variation of the above. Remove the public property and uncomment
the line "SomeEnum SomeEnum;". Now try to rename the SomeEnum variable.
ReSharper recommends SomeEnum or someEnum1, but it should recommend
someEnum. I have no idea where the 1 comes from.

Undo the rename so it's still SomeEnum SomeEnum, insert a blank line below
SomeEnum SomeEnum, and try to type "SomeEnum = SomeEnum.One;" (without the
quotes of course). What I usually get is ReSharperTests.SomeEnum =
SomeEnum.One. I suspect this is because the IntelliSense shows both SomeEnum
the enumeration and SomeEnum the variable name.

Insert a blank line somewhere in the DoSomething method and type "array
test" (all lowercase). What you'll get is ArraySegment test instead of Array
test. This one is just downright frustrating primarily because it happens

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