[942] Global Error analysis list dissapear after pausing


we have to translated our Software in other languages, so we use R# and
RGreatEx to move the Strings into Resources.

The Solution are with many files, to make it easier to find string i
changed the String-Suggestion for RGreatEx to error. So that it will be
detected in the Global Error Analysis.

The error Analysis need some time, that ok, that are many times. The
Problem is that if i change something then the error analysis run again.
And take again much time to check everthing.

It would be helpful if i can pause the analysis without R# removing all
errors in the list. Currently i take Screenshots of the Lists and it is
not fun.



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I'd like to bump this one up, because I'm trying to do something very similar, and also finding it pretty much impossible for different but similar reasons.

I find that every time I change from one source file to another, the global error list clears and restarts analysis.

Is this normal? It seems bizarre that even when I haven't modified a file, the analysis should need to completely restart. I'm running the 4.1 RTM.

It would also be helpful if when reanalysing, the list of errors wasn't cleared, but was instead updated file-by-file.


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