Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 2.0 projects

I've just migrated our massive .NET Framework 2.0-based solution to Visual Studio 2008. We'd like to continue using 2.0 framework for a while. However, now that I've integrated ReSharper 4.1 with VS2008 I see that it is highlighting various things that arre .NET Framework 3.5-specific. Is there a way to tell ReSharper to maintain .NET 2.0 compliance for .NET 2.0 projects? I don't want to go through and individually turn off the 3.5-specific warnings as I plan on starting a 3.5 project soon.

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This comes up very frequently! See this

But also bear in mind that the C# version is an attribute of the compiler, not the framework. So you can write C#3.0 with VS2008 and run on .NET 2.0. What you can't do is compile C#3.0 with VS2005.

So if all your devs are using 2008, then you can start to use C#3 features without needing to change your target framework - though you may find that R#'s obsessive liking for 'var' is not to your taste!


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