ReSharper 4.5 Beta Is Released

Hi everyone,

  The wait is almost over: we have just published ReSharper 4.5 Beta build. While we're still polishing various glitches in the code, the build contains most of our achievments since ReSharper 4.0. The most important goal for us has been performance improvements and we have raised the bar again: we got two-digit improvements in most of the critical areas. To those of you who were compaining about performance in large web projects or slow search and intellisense, ReSharper 4.5 delivers a potion of speed. And that's not it: our solution analysis capabilities improved significantly: not only we are able to detect compiler errors in entire solution as you're writing your code, we can also see which parts of your code are redundant and detect other code issues. Add to that VB9 support, inline field refactoring and a number of productivity features, and you get a solid release made available as a free upgrade to 4.0 users. Check it out and see if it fits you perfactly. If it doesn't please complain immediately here or to our issue tracker:; and don't forget to register for an account.

  Read more about the beta release and download it at

Oleg Stepanov,
Senior Whiteboard Operator,
JetBrains s.r.o.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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