Build 1212: Edit And Continue: Source and Editor out of sync


has anyone else seen this? From time to time, when debugging, the code
as displayed in the editor seems to go out of sync with the code that is
debugged. Code changes in the editor are not used, even when restarting
the application. Often this goes hand in hand with Undo not working any

Sometimes, if i change something, save and close the editor and reopen
it, the code is "commited" and used when debugging, but not always.

Restarting Visual Studio does not always help, even a solution clean up
and a restart sometimes fail to help.

Unfortunatly I cannot reproduce the problem, it appears randomly, and
has appeared with previous builds, too. And yes, it is extremly
annoying ;)

Is this a known bug? of Resharper? of Visual Studio? Anyone know how to
kill that bug?


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