Performance problems with VB.NET

since build 1185 i notice an incredible decrease of performance on VB.NET. It seems to me, that the deadlock issue which was fixed in build 1175 (see was coming back. Visual Studio did not hangup completely but while editing source code i have to wait significantly until the cursor moves. I'm working on a notebook with a 2,8GHZ core2duo processor and 4 GB RAM und WIndows7 Beta.



The current beta release (build 1213) has a significant performance decrease against earlier builds. I tested the release on a 2,8GHZ core duo machine with 4GB RAM and on a 3GHZ Pentium D with 3 GB RAM under Windows XP SP3.

On the Pentium D machine the first load of my solution after installing R# leasts around 20 minutes (for around 250.000 lines of code). The editor is nearly not usable because of permanent delays while typing code. The build between 1176 and 1185 where much more performant on ths machine.

The performance on dual core machine is barely acceptable, but the CPU load is permanently at 50%.


Hello, Klaus,

It seems very interesting. Is it still reproducible with build 1224? If so, could you please send us some example solution/project or profile this behaviour with dotTrace

( in evaluation mode and
send us the snapshot (or upload it to Thanks a lot.



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