Excessive repainting during HTML attribute edit

This *seems* to be a recent R# problem (I'm running 1223) where certain kinds of editing of HTML (actually ASPX, ASCX) files cause a big VS repaint (certainly the whole project tree flashes).

The two things I've noticed cause a problem are:

Clicking with the mouse inside an element atribute value (e.g. an element class name)
Deleting chars from within an attribute value (but not inserting chars)

The latter is the big issue, as it makes editing html pretty much unbearably slow and flicker.

The problem goes away if the R# plugin is turned off on the VS tools->addins dialog.

This is an ASP.NET MVC application (so a Web Application Project)

Anyone else seeing this?



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This does seem to be OK in 1225, after a few minutes of trying.  Still very flickery when clicking around in ASPX files, but that's less of a problem.


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