Abbreviation Standards

I love the marking of capitalization issues that ReSharper does.  It helps keep the code clean.

One issue that I have run into, though, is that the capitalization standards vary slightly from Microsoft's best practices.  For two letter acronyms, both characters should be upper case or lower case.  Example: DBReader.  For acronyms of three characters or more, ReSharper and Microsoft match.  Example: XmlReader.

There are two special abbreviations that are exceptions to this rule: Id and Ok.

During our build process, we run Code Analysis (basically fx cop).  Between Code Analysis and ReSharper, one of them is always stating that the name is cased incorrectly when we have two letter acronyms.

Are there any plans to be able to support Microsoft's best practices as it pertains to two letter acronyms?

Reference to MSDN article:

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