VB.NET support in ReSharper


The main question is: what ReSharper features do you miss most in VB.NET? Could you list top pain points for VB developer that uses ReSharper?

We' re going to address as many VB-related issues as possible in the neares future. All your ideas are highly appreciated.


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As you requested, copy/paste from http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/message/5241406 :
Symbol and type name completion lists should be popping up automatically as in C# and able to do camel humps.
Parameter info doesn't pop up automatically as in C#.
Smart enter doesn't work in VB.
Closing parenthesis are not inserted automatically.
Delimiter highlighting (if/end if, for/next etc.) would be nice to have.
Switch between normal and smart completion with just one key, say Alt - so that when the Code completion window is shown you wouldn't have to press something as RSI inducing as ctrl+shift+space to get there.

I also second Klaus Luedenscheidt's ideas from that thread:
Error indicator - VB stops compiling after a maximum of 100 errors occured. The error list differs after each background compile (which occurs each time i leave a row in the editor). There are situations where the errors in the currently edited file disappears. It would be great if you can mark the errors in the status bar beneath the scrollbar like you do for c#.
It would be perfect if you can find a way to supress the background compile process of VB. This process is a great performance break (even with R# disabled).

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Code Cleanup does not work correct. On end constructs (end if, end sub etc) leading tabs are replaced by leading spaces. Also splitted lines are adjusted by space instead of tabs. This prevents me from using code cleanup instead of the automatic formatting of the VB editor (which is a pain sometimes, specially if you want to split long lines into several lines.

Code cleanup should have the same formatting options as C# code cleanup.

Replacing VB intellisense by R# intellisense would be great.

I don't know if this will be possible, but it would be nice if you can find a way to disable the automatic background compile process . I think this will increase the perfomance of the VB editor dramtically (specially with large files).



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