VS2010 [1405] Exception when opening Form in designer

I'm playing with VS2010 and R# preview on a VB project i'm currently working on. I just installed build 1405 and converted my
project from VS2008 to VS2010. When i try to open a form i get exceptions that some self written user controls are not defined. When
i look at the source of the .designer.vb file everything is ok. The variables are declared and instantiated. When i disable R#, the
form will be displayed without an error. The user controls which causes the exceptions are located in a separate dll which is
located in a "lib" directory in the project tree. The project makes also use of the commerial Farpoint-Spread Control, which causes
no exceptions. I'm running VS2010 on Windows7 RC1 64bit.

I have attached the R# log for your interest.


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