[1406] Visual Studio crash while Resharper analyzing ASP.NET .aspx pages

This is for Resharper for Visual Studio 2010 Preview, build 5.0.1406.10.  Due to the analysis error caught earlier, I was opening each file within the ASP.NET MVC with Silverlight project that was just generated and checking for errors, submitting any errors encountered by Resharper along the way.  I had just opened error.aspx, the seventh .aspx file in the project, when Resharper's analysis seemed to wait indefinitely for the analysis of the error.aspx file.  After waiting for a long time, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 crashed, and Windows Vista is currently checking for solutions to the problem (and hasn't come back yet either, so I'm cancelling the process).

This could be a problem with either Resharper or VS 2010 Beta 1, but Resharper was at the light green circle with the play/pause icon when everything just seemed to stop.

When I restarted VS 2010 Beta 1 and attempted to open Error.aspx in the solution, the problem occurred again, so my guess is that there is an issue with trying to analyze this particular file.

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I was having problems with the JIRA Issue Tracker earlier, but have since figured out the issue.  This message has been submitted in the JIRA Issue Tracker tool.

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ASPX is actually quite unstable in the VS 10 R# preview. Our Web subdivision
is currently working on new features for the upcoming release, and they could
not put much effort into the preview release.

Serge Baltic
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