Resharper 4.5.1279 - Performance editing slownless found the problem and workaround

Hi there,

I noticed with the 4.5.1 version of resharper that certain pages were very slow to edit especially aspx pages. When I say slow I mean I press 5 characters and one character would show at a time in a delayed fashion

I've written about this issue in the past but it wasn't until today that I discovered a workaround for it;jsessionid=BA798272B5E12D686EE74A48F0B32EB6#5242233

The following is what I found that made the editing of webpages faster:

  1. Open the aspx page
  2. Start editing the page in source mode
  3. While doing this you will notice a slowdown in typing
  4. Now go to File->Close ...
  5. A warning popup shows "Save changes to the following item(s)..."
  6. Press cancel
  7. You are now back to the source editing mode
  8. Start typing again and you will notice that editing is very fast once again
  9. If you save the page this time, editing is once again slow

I have no idea why this would be the case but hopefully it gives the developers a clue on how to fix this problem.

Note: This error does not occurr with resharper is off

Thanks for your time


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