Intellisense Parameter Info problem - Resharper 4.5.1 night builds, Windows 7

I'm new here, so i don't know if the topic name is good, so sorry if it isn't.
Ok, my problem is with Parameter Info in Intellisense. When I turned off the Resharper Intellisense (the intellisense-01a.jpg file) it shows me the fine and nice description (not so really nice but I need it, because I don't know what does do the most of classes). But when I turning the Resharper Intellisense on, it doesn't show this description (the intellisense-01b.jpg file).

Could someone help me with it? because it somehow annoying. I don't know if it is the problem with this night builds - I've allready installed the 1281 revision, but with the 4.5.1 RTM ver. I have got problems, so I installed the night build, with helped me out.

OS: Windows 7 RTM
VS: 2008 with SP1

Thanks in advance.

(Sorry for my bad english :/)


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