R# v5 Nightlies and ESC Key Issue


ESC key does not work (highlightings are not removed, tool windows are not
deactivated, selection is not reset, etc).

This issue arises if all of the following conditions are met:

  • IDEA-based R# keyboard layout is used (VS-friendly keyboard layout environments

are not affected).

  • A R# v5 nightly build 2009-08-21 to 2009-10-03 was installed on Visual

Studio at some moment in the past (this includes all of the public v5 nightlies
up until now).

  • Now another version of R# is installed (v4.5, v5 2009-10-04, etc), or no

R# is installed.

Those versions of R# were intercepting ESC aggressively, which interfered
with normal Visual Studio functioning. Now that this has been changed, neither
VS nor new R# can see ESC anymore until the keybindings are reverted.


  • Quick: reset keyboard shortcuts in VS (Tools > Customize > Keyboard > Reset),

then reapply R# shortcuts (either with installer repair or ReSharper > Options

Environment > Visual Studio Integration > Apply).

- OR-

  • Gentle: (does not kill custom shortcuts) restore built-in VS keybindings

for ESC manually; probably, the commands are Window.ActivateDocumentWindow
in Global scope and Edit.SelectionCancel in Text Editor scope.

This is a one-time fix, unless older builds are installed again, of course.
The v5 release build will not cause this kind of problems as well.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc — http://www.jetbrains.com
“Develop with pleasure!”

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