I have to redo one keymapping after every install

Not a big issue, to be sure, but aggravating to my demeanour:

Every time I install a new nightly I have to re-map the "go to file member" navigation. I am mapping this to [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[¨] (Norwegian keyboard), and it seems to be reset every time.

Is this the intended behaviour?

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Same problem here, but I have to re-map ALL the keys that I re-mapped (original keybindings works as expected).

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We do not have a good solution for this issue right now. We have to reassign
some of the keys from standard VS features to our ones (even in VS-friendly
keyboard scheme there're a few, and in IDEA-based keymap almost every binding
would conflict with VS one). Visual Studio keybinding scenarios do not support
this in a gracefull manner. After all, ReSharper has to apply keybindings
on each install (this includes ReSharper plugins install) in a way similar
to manipulating the Keyboard options page manually.

You can tell ReSharper to skip this step by selecting the "Do Not Set" keyboard
scheme in ReSharper environment options. This will not unassign any of the
existing ReSharper bindings, and upgrades will not touch keybindings anymore.
The drawback is that you won't get any of the new shortcuts for the new ReSharper
features, so it is recommended that after installing the RTM build you go
to the same options page, switch to VS/IDEA scheme temporarily, and hit the
Apply button.

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