Visual Studio IDE unresponsive after a build


I have a strange issues with the latest builds of ReSharper 5.x. First of all my evironment:

Windows XP Pro x64
Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition
ReSharper 5.x

Sometimes, when I run a Console Application (with just a Console.ReadKey()), it launches, but the console window does not appear. Furthermore I cannot hit the break button in the Visual Studio IDE because it is unresponsive as if a model dialog is open. When I look in the Task Manager, I see that the Visual Studio IDE is responsive. I then have to end the devenv.exe process.

I don't have this issue with ReSharper 4.5.x


I am experiencing the exact same issue. However, if I manually do a build before starting the debugging, et seems to work as expected. Somehow R#5 does something before, during or after the build process, making VS hang.
If you try clicking the close button VS, you can see that it flashes repeatedly as if something is hogging the UI thread...

Anyway, do a manual build before you start debugging and you should be fine... for now :|


I was experiencing the same problem on Windows 7 64 bit too.  I have
abandoned using 5.0 with VS 2008 and am using 4.5.   5.0 doesn't show
this behavior with VS 2010


i've the same issue on Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 with Windows 7 64Bit. Mostly the problem occurs when i have an acitve XAML-Editor window open.


I encountered the same issue (Windows 7 x64 , Visual Studio 2010 Beta)
Workaround for me: builöd and debug in separate steps. First I build my solution, and afterwards I start debugging it.


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