Approved abbreviations

I opened a solution for the first time using ReSharper 5.x (build 1611) and
saw it complaining about inconsistent naming of some methods.  After
puzzling about it for a while, I realized it was because ReSharper wasn't
recognizing the all-caps abbreviations in the name.  I clicked on the name
and went to the context action... and adding the unrecognized abbreviation
wasn't on the context menu.

To solve the problem, I actually had to go to the Resharper Options, naming,
advanced, and add the abbreviations manually.

I would definitely count this as a bug, that "Add XXX to the list of
abbreviations" option is missing from the context action menu.

Is this just me?

Side question:  is there any way this could be enhanced to coordinate with
the custom CodeAnalysisDictionary.xml file for the project, if one is
present?  In other words, if such a code analysis dictionary is present in a
project, could Resharper automatically add the list of casing exceptions in
that file to its list of "known and accepted abbreviations" for that
project?  That would be ideal, if so.  Consider it a request! :)

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