R# EAP 1618 locks up VS2008 w/ MVC 2

I recently created a new ASP.NET MVC 2 RC2 project in VS 2008 SP1 (9.0.30729.1). I right-clicked the Controllers folder to add a new controller, then immediately right-clicked the Index method to add a new view.

Once the new view appeared, Visual Studio was frozen. It was still responding, but I couldn't type anything or click any buttons - it was as if there was a modal dialog open somewhere, but there were no windows. I couldn't even close VS and had to resort to killing the process in Task Manager. Upon reopening the solution, the same view window was open and VS locked up again. The thrid time, I suspended R# before I opened the solution and VS behaved as expected. After resuming R#, the problem seems to have gone away.

Is there anything I can send you to help identify this problem?

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