Minor irritant with context action pop-up

I'm editing some code that uses a literal string, something like this:

             string sql = @"
FROM MyTable
WHERE Foo = 'Bar'

I had a situation where I wanted to edit the string, but any time I placed
my cursor in the string, the little ReSharper "Pencil" icon displays in the
left-hand margin.  This makes it impossible to use the mouse to position the
cursor anywhere in the first three characters of the string.

I ended up having to use arrow keys to get what I wanted done, but this was
a perfect example of ReSharper getting "in the way" rather than helping me.
I tried hitting escape or anything just to dismiss that little pop-up, but
nothing seemed to work.

Normally this isn't an issue, because code is naturally indented beyond the
edge of the screen, but with literal strings that contain carriage returns,
this is not the case.  I can imagine other situations where it's possible to
run into this too.

Can you please provide some way of making that icon go away (some way to
dismiss it)?  Or just moving it out of the way if the cursor is "under" it,
so you can see what you're doing?  I know it's an edge case, but I found it
really frustrating the other day.


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