Error Stripe

It would be nice to be able to disable the error stripe. Just a suggestion.


Does Ctrl+8 do the trick?
Sergey V. Coox
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I would like it to disappear completely. I like the add-in RockScroll, and the error stripe and RockScroll don't seem to play well together. Given the choice I would rather have RockScroll.


Nothing at all against your request, but mine would go like "Please make R# and RockScroll play nice, or implement a RockScroll-like feature right in R#." :)


I can agree with that. Although I find the error stripe to be of little value to be honest, but that's just my perspective.



Nothing at all against your request, but mine would go like "Please
make R# and RockScroll play nice, or implement a RockScroll-like
feature right in R#." :)

I installed RockScroll and came to conclusion that they play together nicely
enough. I haven't seen any degradation in RockScroll functionality in presence
of R#. Not that I've seen much of use in RockScroll without R# either, I
have to admit — same lack of informativeness and total scrolling desync.

If you'd like to vote for the feature, please provide sample screenshots
on which we could see the informativeness of the scroller view. As I've tried
on random code pieces from our codebase, it was all about a mess of green
and gray (much more green than there is in the code, actually). Possibly
there's some structure on your sources that can be seen even in a zoomed-out
view. R# itself dictates a "flat view" on both the project and class structure,
ie you'd mostly use acronyms in GotoClass / GotoMember for jumping to items,
so we're hardly aware of the layout of the members inside our classes. This
makes it even harder to understand the feature.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
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I'm a little late coming to the party here, but I've been using RockScroll for quite a while and just recently started evaluating Resharper. Sometimes the two play together nice enough, but often they will not and it's at the demise of RockScroll (it will stop updating) which is very frustrating.

The best thing about RockScroll is to have a quick overview of the code when coming into a new piece of code cold - gives you an immediate impression. You can immediately see the weight of a class - how many comments are in there, how much nesting, etc. Even when working in a known chunk of code, it's much easier to navigate than a scroll bar - you can see exactly what you're scrolling to.

Besides the view itself, RockScroll has a number of other good usages:

  • Indicates areas of code that have changed since the last checkin or last save.

  • Indicates where break points are set.

  • Indicates where bookmarks are set.

  • Double clicking a word will highlight that word in the code view as well as in the scroll view.

An expanded Error Stripe that did all of this would be great, and combining the error / warning indicators into this type of zoomed out view would improve things even more.

Attached is an image that shows rockscroll and resharper with a class in our code base that severely needs a refactor. I tried to show RockScroll with some of the indicators to show those features, but this happens to be one of the times where the two are not playing well together.


I would second that it would be nice if these two play well together.

At the very least it would be nice to have an option for the error bar in re sharper to not show the scroll bar.



My vote for:

- RockScroll like scrollbar or
- a way to disable the resharper error bar or
- RockScroll and reshaper playing nice


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Have you tried it on ReSharper 5 Beta 2?

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
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