Defect priority

I have a question related to defect priority.

I submitted


10 months ago.

To me it is severe, as I cannot trust "extract method" to work, and have been using the built in VS 2008 tool ever since.

With version 5 coming up, I was really hoping for a fix to this.

I have not downloaded any newer builds, while waiting for this to get fixed.

I don't undersand the priority set on this issue (as Normal).

Part of my job is selecting tools such as resharper for my company. I am not pressing for version upgrades to rev 5, with major issues like this in the code.

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Actually, "Normal" is YouTrack's word for "Undefined". The issue has not
been rated yet.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”

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I downloaded the build of the 29th, hoping that this may have been fixed by a duplicate somewhere in the past 10 months.

I refactored a 100 line block into an extracted method.
The same defect occured.

(results changed due to mising ref).

Please can the team at least rank this item for me?

Again: I see it as a severe issue in a fundamental refactoring feature.

Our company is certified to build medical devices, and we have to be careful not to use tools which create risk (such as unexpected modification of results), so this is high on our noncomplience list.

The recent builds I guess are unstable, as they throw 2 exceptions on loading VS2008.

I'll check back in a week.




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