The best feature you would like in Resharper 6

I think resharper should push forward suggesting to the developer some pattern usage.

Let me figure out a real example coming from my work.
I've got some web service xml, that I imported into about 20 c# types.

They are almost identical among them, and is very easy to think about extracting a base class for all of them.
The consequence of such a similar refactoring (specular for each class) is that I could use just one method (accepting the base class) to manipulate them all, and specialize a virtual method for handling the difference among one WS and the other one.

In other words, resharper acts very well on a single file, but if I do some refactoring for a class why don't be able to extend the same pattern to all code that has been copied and pasted?

Really easy to implement, really useful to have. What do you think about?

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