Resharper 6.0


   I noticed in YouTrack that some of my bug fixes are being marked to be fixed in 6.0 instead of in the 5.1.2 update. That concerns me because I have bought a number of licenses but have never been able to use some features of VB.NET properly like WITH clauses and ON ERROR GOTO, UNUSED variable are not reported, UNUSED parameters are not reported, etc. I have filed bugs for all of the issues I saw.

    I know that you have to draw the line somewhere and start a new release for which you can charge new license fees but I am going to hesitate to upgrade to 6.0 (as I bet a lot of people as everyone seems to be complaining about the same thing). I have been a big fan of Resharper for years but I have never really been that content of 5.xx as a lot of things are not working for me. I tried to help out the ReSharper team by submitted stack traces and performance logs. I was just hoping that you could bring 5.xx to some conclusion where all the features advertised work and then consider 6.0. The reason I am asking is that a lot of my issues that I filed in 5.xx are now marked: "will be fixed in 6.0" so unless I upgrade I am stuck with the broken version? Is that fair to have your customers upgrade to 6.0 just because 5.xx is broken and you won't fix it?

   I am going to see how the final 5.1.2 update goes but as it looks right now 6.0 is going to be a hard sell for my team considering what issues we are seeing.


I fully agree with this position. Coming from a C# background, I now work on a VB.Net project and convinced my team to get into R#. We are actually very disappointed with the VB.Net support. If we have to buy  upgrade licenses to get some these bugs fixed (I have logged several), that's probably going to be a "bye-bye" for my team.

VB.Net support is severely crippled in the current version and should never have shipped in the current version IMO.


Just a question, how to actually activate ReSharper 6 EAP? License for v5.0 is not accepted and I've already used the trial period before...:|


Normally each EAP build comes with a new 30 day trial period. I just deinstalled 5.0 and installed 6.0 EAP. Maybe you have to open Visual Studio twice. The first time R# shows that the trial period has ended. This is a known bug.



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