New (and incorrect) errors flagged after installing 5.1.2

Since installing 5.1.2, I've noticed several errors flagged by resharper of
the following type:

"Argument type A.B.C.D ' is not
assignable to parameter type 'A.B.C.D "

The project builds fine, and this code wasn't flagged prior to installing
5.1.2.  There is no "Specific Version=true" flag anywhere.  Obviously the
types are compatible, so this message seems to be in error.

Do you know what could be causing this, how to fix it, and if this is a new
bug in ReSharper, or whether something else is going wrong?  Is there
something I can look at that would give you more information, or help me
find and fix the issue of why ReSharper thinks a given type isn't assignable
to itself?


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