Solution Analysis not working

Is it just me or in the new version R#'s Solution wide Analysis is not working?
I just activated it and it tells me that I have no errors in the solution (I know I have namespace problems)

My Version of R# EAP:
Build 6.0.2086.307 on 2011-01-31T04:06:00


Let me rephrase that the solution wide analysis works in Web and Silverlight projects
at least it only find results in 4 files in my solution: 2 aspx (displaying silverlight pages) and 2 Silverlight Xaml files


I could not understand: solution-wide analysis does or does not work in Web and Silverlight projects?


I don't think it works well (it shows 4 errors out of 100s of errors).

I activated solution wide analysis on a solution with 30 projects
12 of the projects are silverlight
2 are web projects (with pages to view the silverlight page)
one is a wcf project

and the rest are regular common library for the wcf project and regular unit test projects

The only thing solution wide analysis found was 4 errors:
In Aspx - Ambiguous reference due to Inherits of the code behind

In Xaml - Cannot resolve Symbol for color: Black and Transparent

and thats it.

The solution has to my knowledge around 200 errors in a previous version.
I know it has more then 2 errors in my Silverlight projects.

Are these errors (not shown by solution-wide analysis) highlighted by ReSharper in the text editor when you open respective files with red indicator at the top right corner of the text editor?


I am sure I had warning but I am not sure about errors ( I am  not at work right now to check).

But is the solution analysis works only with errors?
and if it is how ccan I change it to work with warning as well (it is far more useful with warnings).

If I change the options to consider for example unused public methods as errors, what will I have to do in order to recalculate the solution analysis?


Well now I feel bad - it works only with errors

Is there a way to make it work with warnings?
I really need to view the warnings and errors not just the errors


Solution-Analysis works for both errors and warnings but the view "Errors in Solution" only displays errors. To browse the warnings you have to right-click on the solution node (or particular project/folder) in the Solution Explorer and choose "Find Code Issues". This feature works even with Solution-Analysis turned off but when Solution-Analysis is on it works MUCH faster because all files are already analyzed. Also when solution-analysis is on you get warnings about unused public members etc which you won't get otherwise. I hope this helps.


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