[2093] R# settings aren't saved

i tried to change some settings in the "Inspection Severity" options from "warning" to "hint" and changed some code cleanup settings. All my changes are lost after closing Visual Studio. My first guess was that it could be a problem that i had installed R# 5.1 before and 6.0 had problems with importing the existing settings. So i deleted all configuration files of R# under Documents And Settings. After restarting Visual Studio and changing my settings i noticed that some of them aren't saved:

    • Inspection Severity
    • Code Cleanup
    • External Sources

and maybe some more which i didn't change.


P.S.: I'm working with Visual Studio 2008

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I seems to be having to constantly reset inspection severity settings at the moment.  I think there's a problem came in in the high 2080s.

I tend to run multiple instances of VS, which has always, for all versions of VS and R#, made settings-saving very flaky, so I'm never sure if it's that or something in R#.

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We will try to fix in R# 6 most of all issues related to settings and loosing settings on upgrade.

Kirill Falk
JetBrains, Inc
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