Resharper 6 performance

It appears to me that Resharper 6 is even slower than the previous version. It has become so bad that devenv (2010) is regularly taking up 30% of my CPU (four cores, so it is using one core and a bit!)

I have had to turn it off just to do any work, because typing  anything at all is so ridiculously slow. Unfortunately Resharper is so  incredibly useful that I can't last very long without it!

What can I do to help resolve these issues?



which build do you use? And what type of application? I can't confirm your problems. In the beginning of the EAP program there eas a time when i can't work on my VB solutions because every keystroke needs 10 to 30 seconds to appear on the screen, but the last builds had acceptable performance. CPU usage is also always high on my PC , but this has no effect on my work.




I was hoping that performance would improve during the EAP  program, but unfortunately it hasn't yet.

Working on websites. The problem is worse in C# code than in razor code



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