[2157] Find Usages causes deadLock on XAML file


On build 2157, I got a dead lock while doing a "find usages" action on a C# member in a WPF project. Files were scanned and the progression dialog stopped on a XAML file. I tried to cancel the action but cancelling didn't work either. I previously had this same kind of deadlocks on previous builds but never had the time to take a snapshop. Now I did, and one CPU core is fully used on what seems to be a SpinWaitLock.

You'll find on your FTP a full memory dump of Visual Studio during the dead lock. The file is named ReSharper 2157 Find Usages DeadLock XAML Lebosquain.7z

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Thanks a lot. We will take a look and try to fix it ASAP. By the way, please try the latest nightly.

Kirill Falk


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