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I'm still seeing some unexpected behavior with build 2167 intellisense in HTML files.

Typing a space followed by a character results in no intellisense. I have to backspace or undo and start over one or more times before intellisense kicks in.

When I attempt to add properties to web controls, ReSharper is completing with a dash instead of an equals (=) and it's not showing the appropriate enumeration values for some properties that take enumerated values. For example, I type this:

<asp:Input id="sometext" width=

but what I get is

<asp:Input ID="sometext" width-

I have no idea where the dash is coming from and it seems to very common with third-party controls. It’s happening so much it had me thinking my poor fingers had forgotten how to type, so I slowed down and deliberately pressed = only to see – in its place.

I also have some third-party controls that take either a boolean or an enumeration as the value, but ReSharper is either not showing any intellisense at all or is showing completely irrelevant entries as I type. Here’s a sample screenshot in which AutoZoom should be one of AutoZoomMode, but what’s shown in intellisense isn’t relevant.

If I try to use smart completion here, it clams there are no suggestions. The following shows Visual Studio’s intellisense for this same control.

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Hi Greg! Thanks for reporting this. I have successfully reproduced and fixed issue with - instead of =, but have trouble reproducing issues with no intellisense and wrong intellisense for enumeration.

About no intellisense. Have you tried to wait more time for intellisense to appear, maybe it is just very slow. In this case, could you please make a performance snapshot as described here . Otherwise, please write a specific example - what are you typing exactly.

About wrong intellisense for enumerations. Can you tell which third-party control do you use and if you can please send us an example page/project/solution where this problem can be reproduced (my mail: dmitry dot osinovsky at jetbrains dot com). Thanks.

Best regards,
Dmitry Osinovsky,
ReSharper developer


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