Some R# Developers are marking issues in YouTrack without delving into the issue or discussing

Some developers you have are awesome and take the time to understand the issue and then there are some who close the issue without discussing it with the original poster. For example, I don't understand why the issue: RSRP-286713 was marked as "Won't Fix" and CLOSED so quickly. The developer decided there is no problem and marked it as "Won't Fix" and CLOSED the issue. I know this is a bug because that is not how it worked in R#5.

(1) I really wish that since I am taking the time to write a YouTrack issue then the developer can give time to read the issue and think about it before saying "Won't Fix" and CLOSING it. He has to give me a good reason why he won't fix it and discuss it with me and if we both agree then the issue should be marked appropriately. It shouldn't be immediately marked as "Won't Fix" and CLOSED.

(2) I'll admit that if the developer has a good reason then he shouldn't fix it but in this case he doesn't have a good reason and in many other cases I have seen the same thing. I think a manager should review any MANUALLY USER SUBMITTED issues that aren't going to be fixed in the 6.1 update and make sure he agrees with the developer that this isn't a problem.

Otherwise, why am I bothering to write and report the issues to developers that don't really take the time to think about the issues I see?


I've been extremely frustrated with Resharper since version 6 as well. I really wanted to agree with you. I read your issue on You Tracker and I just can't agree.

Something acting differently between versions 5 and 6 does not make it a bug. It's a design decision. One you don't like for certain, but not a bug. Based on the way you described your issue in You Track, I think the developer was generous with his time by responding to what was essentially a support request in the issue tracker.

Maybe if you posted a Feature request for an option to enable the previous functionality you would get somewhere. I doubt a suggestion in their user forums will change the JetBrains issue review process.


bPage, FYI in YouTrack reporters (i.e. users like you and me) can't mark issues as "bugs" or "features" that is done by the R# team only. I completely don't agree with you. It is an obvious bug and not a design decision. I don't see anyone at R# saying that this was a design decision.


this is an obvious bug. Frankly, I am not looking for agreement. You can look at it as a design decision made by the R# team but I don't see anyone from the R# team saying it is a design decision - I am seeing them suggest a WORKAROUND. I am therefore assuming this is unintentional as it definitely seems to be.
You can assume it is a design decision and be pissed and frustrated trying to deal with it or you could say that it isn't a great decision and work with the R# team to make the product better and your life easier. Why stay frustrated? Just help them fix the problems by reporting issues and in the end everyone will have a better product.

PS: a reporter (i.e. user like you or me) can't tag issues as "bugs" or "features" -- only a member of the R# developers can do it. When we submit them they are always classified as "bugs"


First of all, you can tag things as: Unspecified, Bug, Cosmetics, Exception, Feature, Task, Usability Problem, Performance Problem, Meta Issue, or Auto-reported Exception. You ticket was not classified as a bug. It was classified as unspecified. You didn't change it from the default.

Second, they gave you instruction on how to use the program and marked it WONT FIX. That's a decision. If it was a workaround, they would have left it open. Pretty clear to me.

Finally, I never suggested you should just accepted it and be pissed. I'm suggesting you should do exactly what you said to "work with the R# team to make the product better ", instead of being offended that he close the ticket and demanding that people on the user forum recognize this bug. Try posting a comment in You Track asking the developer to change the ticket to a feature request and to reopen it. Look around You Track, there are many issues that have been reopened.

Andrey Serebryansky

Hello Denis
     For sure preventing the user from entering desired parameter name is an incorrect behavior, so I've reopened your request, assigned it to responsible developer and changed its type to 'Usability Problem'. Note, that you actually can change the type of the issue by clicking 'Unspecified' on the create issue page and selecting the necessary type. If you'll encounter other cases when a request was closed as 'Won't fix' when it shouldn't you can e-mail me directly (andrew dot serebryansky at jetbrains dot com). Also, to answer your second question, most of requests are reviewed before each release cycle and the corresponding 'Fix version' is specified for each one we're planning to fix. Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

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