Resharper 6.1(.1) absolute path issue for manage options for team shared solution settings

The Manage Options implementation in Resharper 6.1(.1) is great. Jetbrains finally provided such a crucial feature for teams to share settings.  

However, I run into some issues with the provided implementation making it not usable at the moment:


  1. The "Manage Options" dialog allows choose/create      a solution option file (xyz.DotSettings) for the open solution.
    However, it is additionally required to have the <SolutionName>.sln.DotSettings      checked-in and shared to store the information where actual "Solution      '<SolutionName>' team shared" options file is located.
    It would be great to have the ability to use this file by default to avoid      confusion and only have 1 .DotSettings file to be shared across the team.
  2. The bigger problem is that the path information for the      used "Solution '<SolutionName>' team shared" options file      is stored with the absolute path of the person creating it.
    This means, each and every team member needs to have precisely the same      paths and setup.

Is there a workaround for issue 2 allowing using relative paths from the .sln directory location instead?
If not, when will be a bug fix be available for this?


Are there plans to address issue 1? Or is it okay to actually reference the <SolutionName>.sln.DotSettings and this way only have 1 settings file?


Thanks in advance for the response,


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Hello Theo
     Regarding your questions:
     1. You can store shared settings directly into 'Solution ... team-shared' layer without adding some other layers. You'll have a single .DotSettings file under your solution folder that will hold all the shared settings which you can put into source control.
     2. If you still prefer to store shared settings in a separate file/layer (not <solution_name>.DotSettings), you should not put <solution_name>.DotSettings file into source control. E.g. you should put your separate file with shared settings into source control and each developer should just add a layer based on that settings file on his local machine. Please note that this will not be a problem at all if you'll just store shared settings in <solution_name>.DotSettings file without creating additional layers.

     Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"


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