[Build 56] Curious message on "Extract Method" refactoring

i just tried to do a simple extract method refactoring:

when i press the Next button R# shows the following message:

Why does R# detect multiple entry points? After pressing the Next button the refactoring was done without any problems.


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I just started using Resharper (version 7) and I too am getting this error about mul
tiple entry points. I have googled and not found a lucid explanation for this.
I finally gave up and did the refactor manually.

Does anyone have an insight as to what is going on here?

If it helps I reduced the code to a 2 lines where I assign and return a value and still received this error.

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Hello Mike,

It is known that this error message sometimes happens when it should not. To determine if it is a false-positive or not, could you please create and attach here a small samle, which will demonstrate the issue?

Thanks in advance!


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