Current EAP build 8.0.1 is not usable

After working a day with the current EAP build i decided for me that it is not usable. I'm working on a small C# solution consisting of 5 projects with around 25.000 lines of code. While typing code the delay between displaying two characters on the screen is feeled a minute (but arounf 5 to 10 seconds in reality). The delay is caused by the intellisense functionality. If i disable R# intellisense the editor is fast as a lightning. I hope that the Jetbrains guys will publish a new EAP build soon with better intellisense.


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Hi Klaus,

Thanks for the feedback. Current ReSharper EAP builds should be more stable in terms of exceptions - could you please try them out and let us know about your experience?

Thank you in advance!


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