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Hello Stephen,

ReSharper is doing some Code Analysis based activities after each compilation process (like, there can be some symbols which can be resolved). It is taking some time/resources, but unfortunately it is a by-design behavior.

If it's taking too long or slowing down VS in general, could you please help us to determine the cause of the issue by profiling Visual Studio for us?

In the ReSharper 7 and 8 you may do that straight away with 'ReSharper | Help | Profile Visual Studio'. This action will start the profiling of the VS immediately - after you finish doing the repro actions, please press the 'Get Snapshot' button in the dialog.

After profiling is complete, you 'll be able to upload the snapshot to our FTP server, so we could investigate it to provide a solution and/or bugfix for the performance issues.

Thank you in advance!


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