Does solution-wide analysis ever work for anyone using VB.NET?

I am using VS2010 with VB.NET (targeting .NET 3.5). Running on a 64bit machine with 32bit OS and running everything in 32bit mode in VS. My solution-wide analysis hasn't worked for me for years. It always complains about things that are perfectly valid and I eventually get fed up with it and turn it off. I am currently looking at it in the May 30th build and it says I have 358 errors (similar to what I have seen in other versions of R#) but the project builds just fine. All of the errors it is complaining about aren't errors. I posted the errors on JIRA and then I gave up because they haven't been looked at or fixed for years now. I don't know what I should do to get solution-wide analysis working... Any chance this will be fixed some time?



R# code analysis is much more strict than standard VB. I also have much errors reported by R# while the VB compiler builds the code without problems. You can adjust the severity of the messages in the options dialog. Take a look at "Inspection severities".



I have a feeling that R# analysis assumes "Option Strict On" but some files we have do not have that on. Maybe someone from r# team might look at it and fix it.


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