Extensions Manage in 9.1.x doesn't display any local plugins and older version does 9.0.x


I just tried to install the version EAP 9.1.1 RC on my VS2013 Premium update4

   \\serverpath in Company

   No pluggins displayed

-Close VS2013
-ReInstallation of ReSharperAndToolsPacked01Update1.exe
-Open VS2013
-Open Resharper -> Extensions Manager
-My custom plugin is displayed

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Hello Vincent,

  Could you please download any plugins for R# 9.1 from gallery manually, like https://resharper-plugins.jetbrains.com/packages/ReSharper.HeapView.R90/ and put it to the same local folder - will it be shown in Extension Manager?

  By the way, you mentioned that run ReSharperAndToolsPacked01Update1.exe isntaller (it is ReSharper 9.0.1) but ReSharper 9.1 is shown on the screenshot (installer name JetBrains.ReSharperUltimate.2015.1.exe). Extensions for ReSharper 9.0.1 is not compatible with ReSharper 9.1 or 9.1.1.


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Sorry for the wrong screen capture, but my intensions was to refer to v. 9.0.1.

Since, I now exactly was is happening:
Please read below the message I posted to R# forum:

After installation of v.9.0.1:
I downloaded one the plugin from your repository ("resharper-plugins.jetbrains.com/packages/")  JLebosquain.EnhancedTooltip.2.3.1.nupkg

I copied it in my local c:\Temp\Nuget folder and I didn't see it with R# version 9.0.1

I changed the JLebosquain.EnhancedTooltip.2.3.1.nuspec wave version to 1.0 and save it.

Now, I can see it in Extensions manager.


Later, I just installed latest R# 2015 9.1.1 rc and I still can't see it.

I changed back the JLebosquain.EnhancedTooltip.2.3.1.nuspec wave version to 2.0 and save it.

Now, I can see it in Extensions manager.

So, I just made the same modifications on my plugin and I can see it now.


Sorry for the bother

I didn't get this wave think.

Ps. Hope you'll update the developer documentation with the latest api. All lot of stuff are still for old versions.



Kind regards



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