Machine.Specifications 0.9 Tests are "Inconclusive" (will not execute) in VS 2010 and ReSharper 9.0

I recently upgraded to R# 9.0. Our application was running MSPEC 0.5.15 because it was an MVC2 app and there were dependency limitations. We upgraded to .NET40 and MVC4 and that signaled a need to upgrade MSPEC to latest. Concurrently, we upgraded to R# 9.0 on our team.

Having had issues with getting the corresponding plugin for our version of R# and for our unit test's version of MSPEC and ReSharper runner, I knew to go through everything carefully. I have seen inconclusive tests that would not run because the installing MSPEC ReSharper Runner plugin version didn't match the test DLL's version.

First, I upgraded the unit test version of MSPEC via NuGet Package Manager. Then, I used the new Extension Manager and installed the MSPEC R# Runner.

When I ran the MSPEC tests in one class file, none of them executed. So, I created a simple NUnit test and it ran fine.

I then ran the entire assembly's tests -- none, save the NUnit test, executed.

How can I debug and resolve a test that is inconclusive/won't run?

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You're best to report this to the mspec github site:

As I understand it, the latest ReSharper runner is now version-agnostic, in that it doesn't need a specific version of mspec to work, but hopefully the mspec team can help with your issue.


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