Difference between Personal and Commercial License


I work for a small company with 2 developers. I want to buy Reshaper but money is tight and it has taken me many months to get the boss to agree.

The personal license looks like what I need but I can't buy more than one at a time. I can't see why I need to pay $300 for 2 commercial licenses. The boss won't be happy having to go through the buying process twice with his credit card for 2 personal licences.

Please tell me what the extra $300 gets me. We only have 2 people and aren't bothered about concurrent use.

Is there a way I can easily buy 2 personal licenses?



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As I understand, personal license means you pay it yourself, while commercial license means your company pays for it.

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in my knowledge (i didn't took at the license in detail) the difference between a personal and a commericial license is that the personal license is bound to a person and the commercial not. If you buy a commercial license you can install R# as often as you want but you can use only the number of licenses you bought. R# checks at startup if there is an running installation with the same license in the network and disables itself if it is so.



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