While we're on the subject of TDD, please add FIT integration.

Fit has two aspects two it, and they would benefit from the insight the IDE
has into the code.

The first part is an HTML page that specifies tests to be run as tables. The
second part are language dependant code fixtures that execute the tests.

The fit processor reads the tables and treats the first row as the test
fixture's class and uses reflection to load it. This is where the code
generation and refactoring support is needed. Generate a fit table and put
in a class name and the IDE will let you create it through quickfix.

Then, depending on the type of fixture, some of the cells in the tables are
bound to variables and methods in the fixture class. The same generation and
refactoring support would be very useful here.

One of the things you'd be lauded for, if you do it, is to provide a simple
yet effective HTML editor for the FITs. The .Net HTML editor is an
abomination. We need a small HTML editor that does tables without all the

If you really want to be nice to the FIT people you can do an IDE for fit
that will eventually generate the HTML, but will maintain some internal

Thanks, Amir


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