ReSharper Returning to Regular Price

Well, the time has come to return ReSharper back at its originally intended
price of $149 USD. The $99 USD price was our intended introductory price
for the first month after release, but we were having so much fun spreading
the love, we just kept it that way for 9 months! We hope customers haven't
been disappointed, and we tried to make sure you wouldn't be by giving you
free upgrades to both ReSharper 1.5 and ReSharper 2.0 . we believe it's money
well spent. Being the nice guys that we are, we are giving people 30 more
days to steal ReSharper 1.5 at 99 USD (with a FREE ReSharper 2.0 upgrade
thrown in) . Don't forget to tell your friends. ?

David Stennett
.NET Sales Executive
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"


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