BUG? When debugging with more than one instance of VS.NET open


I thought I'd post this to you in case it is of any assistance.
I'm running build 165, and currently have two instances of VS.NET open.
I was debugging the asp.net worker process in one instance, and went to switch to a different location using the call stack, when the IDE stopped responding.

Thinking this was strange, I attached my the other VS.NET debugger to the devenv.exe process, and broke execution.

The debugger asked for the file "C:\TEMP\tmpA1D.tmp\Release1.0\src\Services\psi\impl\tree\ChameleonBlock.cs" which I obviously don't have, so I opened the disassembly view, and the address specified was "Psi.Impl.Tree.ChameleonBlock.GetLength".

The contents of the disassembly window are shown below for your reference.

--- C:\TEMP\tmpA1D.tmp\Release1.0\src\Services\psi\impl\tree\ChameleonBlock.cs -
00000000 push ebp
00000001 mov ebp,esp
00000003 sub esp,18h
00000006 push edi
00000007 push esi
00000008 push ebx
00000009 xor eax,eax
0000000b mov dword ptr ,eax
0000000e mov dword ptr ,eax
00000011 mov dword ptr ,0
00000018 mov esi,ecx
0000001a mov eax,dword ptr
0000001d mov dword ptr ,eax
00000020 mov ecx,eax
00000022 call 6E0B5B29
00000027 mov ecx,esi
00000029 call FFFFD988
0000002e mov dword ptr ,eax
00000031 mov dword ptr ,0
00000038 mov dword ptr ,0FCh
0000003f push 0B0FBF71h
00000044 jmp 00000046
00000046 mov ecx,dword ptr
00000049 call 6E0B5D4B
0000004e pop eax
0000004f jmp eax
00000051 mov dword ptr ,0
00000058 mov eax,dword ptr
0000005b pop ebx
0000005c pop esi
0000005d pop edi
0000005e mov esp,ebp
00000060 pop ebp
00000061 ret

I hope this helps !


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