Serious Money For Doing Nothing

Some people are actually charging for this information on ebay and thats how i got it off a friend he payed 6.99 for it then i found out that you can just get it off the net for free so here it is free to you. Money making while your computer is turned on:

after clicking this is wot you do:

You will now be presented with a form to fill in

Login: Enter your own unique login name

Password: Enter password and confirm it in next field

Company name: Type in "ppc appraisal"

Contact Person: Type in your name

Tax ID: Type in "N/A"

Email address: Type in your email address.

Address, etc: Type in your address

URL : Type in ""

Now you should be able to login. Please note you will have to confirm your
email address to register. Once you have logged in you will be taken to a
menu. Click on REQUESTS. At the bottom of the page click SELECT then
REQUEST. Then click on PAGE 2 and click SELECT and REQUEST again.

If there are more than two pages (and there soon will be) then repeat the
above process to select all possible search engines. Everything is now set
for you to start earning money.

The next step is to automate the process so you do not have do any clicking
to earn the cash.

DO all the above first!

Click on the link below (
Should this link not work please go to the following website and
click on Test33 there ( )

Your computer will then prompt you to save a file called test33.exe. Save
this to your desktop. Now login to PPC appraisal and click on CAMPAIGNS on
the menu. Copy your Portal URL which is the one listed on the page. Your
referral URL is listed elsewhere under Account Manager. Make sure the URL
has the word portal in it.

Now you have downloaded the test33 program, double click on the icon in your
desktop to run the program. When the browser has opened click on TOOLS on
the menu bar. Click ANALYST the ACT then SETUP. This brings a dialog box up
on screen. Click on APPEND to open popup window. Type word "Set1" and click

Popup window will disappear. Now in the small window on the left you should
see Set1 inside of it.

Then paste the Portal URL that you copied from the PPC website into the
large right window on the right and click OK..

On menu bar click TOOLS then ANALYST then ACT then SET1. The URL will then
load up. Now click TOOLS/ANALYST/LOOP.

On menu bar click NAVIGATION then SIX.

At this stage you will have opened up six search engine browsers which will
accrue money to six search engine totals at a time rather than just one !!
The test33 program will now do all the clicking for you cycling through all
of the current 24 search engines accruing money to each one. All you have to
do now is minimise test33 and let it get on with the clicking for you while
you do NOTHING.

At this point it is worth going for a cup of coffee. When you return login
to the PPC website and click STATISTICS and you should see that test33 has
already earned you some money !!!

NB - If you do need to turn off your PC or reboot for one reason or another
you will need to run the test33 program when you power up. Double click on
the test33 icon and click NAVIGATION/SIX. This should make the browser
resume its good work. If not click on TOOLS/ANALYST/LOOP again.

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