Resharper 2.0 Install

I just installed the 2.0 EAP for VS2005 Beta 2. When I open VS I get an error "cannot complete the operation because Visual J# is not loaded". So I skip the operation (it doesn't say WHAT the operation is), and continue to open VS. But there's no Resharper visible after VS is open and I can't add the shortcuts as described in the instructions (commands don't exist). Am I doing something wrong?? Does Resharper require Visual J#? TIA

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did the ReSharper installation go OK? Is ReSharper listed in Tools|Add-in Manager?

ReSharper itself does not require Visual J#, and the error message you get is from Visual Studio. But I used to think that Visual J# is required for Visual Studio. Have you installed Visual J# (it should be listed in Add/Remove Programs)?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi, I have enabled Resharper thru Tools|Add-in Manager (I did not know that was necessary!) and it seems to be working now - thanks!!


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