A gift to template maniacs

At http://www.rsdn.ru/File/16101/LiveTemplate.rar you can get my templates
which i use in my work. They are not so smart but they are organized in a
system way.

sg - extracts to string
pub - extracts to public
sta - extracts to static
pubstasg - extracts to public static string
pubv - public void

i use prefixes so:
sgv - extracts to string s
sgvm - extracts to string m_s

dt - DateTime
dtn - DateTime.Now
dtmin - DateTime.MinValue

There are about 50 such templates.

tst - extracts to

public void $NAME$()




tstfix - extracts to

so to create new Unit test file i need to create file, do tstfix before
class declaration. Use tst to create as much tests as i need. And solve
import errors by pressing ctrl + enter. It is quite fast and simple.

if i need TestFixtureSetUp method i do:


public void FixtureSetUp()




I am interesting in your suggestions.

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