System.Threading.ThreadAbortException if you are using last build of coderush


Now testing the build 208.

If you are using the last build of Coderush (1.1.36) and Refactor!Pro (1.0.23) an exception is fired. See attached file.

+ Another issues:

- Bulbicon with suggestions is not showed at the same line with error or redundant cast.
- bulbicon sometimes is not showed.
- the installation process don't disable the list member check box in Options | Text Editor | C# |Statement Completion tab. The Resharper's list members is placed on top of Windows's list members.
- If you are working in a local network using network connections (virtual drivers) and you change your ip address, resharper fire an exception (sorry but i' have unintalled Resharper because this release is very unstable).
-If you works with large projects using serialization/deserialization commands, VSNET2003 "sleep" one considerable time while the "Analisys in process" icon is performing the process.


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I'm using:
+ VStudio 2003 with Net Framework 1.1 with SP1
+ Windows XP Professional Spanish version SP2 with the lastest Service packs (using Windows update)
+ The error could be fired by this service packs.
+ or maybe for CodeRush/Refactor!PRO/DXCore.

Anyway,If you change your ip address and re-build your project, the exception is fired and VSNET2003 is re-started (unexpected exit).



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