Reformatting and Tabs

+I've just posted a similar message to the ReSharper EAP forum without realising that this is the actual forum for ReSharper 1.5. Sorry about the duplicate post.

Our company policy is to set the VS options for Indentation as

Tab size = 8
Indent size = 3
Keep tabs = On

With these settings, VS auto-indents the code with a mixture of Tabs and Spaces. For example:

1st level indentation = 3 spaces
2nd level indentation = 6 spaces
3rd level indentation = 1 Tab + 1 space (visually appears as an indentation of 9)
4th level indentation = 1 Tab + 4 spaces (visually appears as an indentation of 12)

When I use R# to reformat the code, it uses one Tab per indent level. So the result is:

1st level = 1 Tab (visually appears as an indentation of 8)
2nd level = 2 Tabs (visually appears as an indentation of 16)

This is clearly not we want to get. Is there a way to make Resharper indent the code the sameway VS does?

Thanks for any help,

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