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We just licensed R#1.5 - I also downloaded the 2.0Beta and I really like it!

I have three question about the File Structure Window:

1, When I dock the FSW together with Solution Explorer, Properties Window and so on...the FSW window doesn't have an icon. Sometimes it's easier to identify a window by its name, rather than read the tab text.

2, Is there any way to turn on the File Structure Window automatically when VS2003 start? I looked after the options, but I haven't find it.

3, The FSW window is very handy, the only problem is that it displays only the current file's members/declarations/etc. A possibility to display every file (or at least classes) would be really great - just like in solution explorer, but with the possibility to navigate through all of the solution's classes.

4, Double clicking on an item highlight the current line - it would be easier to identify the cursor - rather than hunting it on the screen.

5, I set up a hotkey for the FSW, but I can't dock it. If I activate it from the menu, then the FSW remembers that the window was docked, or not last time. The same feauture would be really great, if activating via the hotkey.

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