Live Template issue in 2003 with consecutive params

I've got a problem in R# 2.0 that I didn't have in 1.5. I like to create a live template to create property declarations in our format like so...

public $TYPE$ $NAME$ {
get { return m$PREFIX$$NAME$; }
set { m$PREFIX$$NAME$ = value; }

Using "string", "SampleID", "s" as the typed in values should result in...

public string SampleID {
get { return msSampleID; }
set { msSampleID = value; }

However, in the new R# when I tab to the $PREFIX$ value, it wipes out the $NAME$ value it just filled in. I've tried it other ways and it seems that any two params defined right next to eachother is a problem. Whatever is second wipes out the first. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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