[249] certain keys stop working


I haven't found a way to reproduce this, but sometimes the VS2003 editor
seems to ignore certain keystrokes and the only way to fix this - as far
as i know - is restart VS. The ignored keys include the arrow keys, backspace
and delete but text can be typed without any problem.

I think I remember that this issue was reported a long time ago and it didn't
happen here for a long time, but just now I had it twice in 15 minutes: once
after doing 'Extract method' and 'Inline variable' and once after including
a file in the project.

Did anyone else ever notice this?



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I have just now noticed the same behaviour on .build and .css files - no arrow keys or backspace but other keys are working fine.

Very Odd


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The problem was something to do with the keyboard shortcuts. I reverted to default using VS, renamed the settings and then reset them through resharper. This fixed it for me...


Tim D


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