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I am trying to build a file template - a nant build script for a web app. I am finding that the UI fails to detect macros values after a few lines. Heres a specific example:

<property name="build.dir" value="${build.web}\bin" unless="$" />
<property name="build.testdir" value="${project.vob}\..\gssg_ops_lib\GSSG_OPS_LIB_CAPS_V2\Source\Tests\CAPSCoreTests" unless="$" />
<property name="build.crfs" value="
Lns15h-3501\crfs" />

In the above example $PROJECT$ is detected ok, but $THING$ is not. In fact, no further macros are detected after this point (including further $PROJECT$ tags).

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I first had this issue in RTM 2.0, however I have now tried both 252 and 253 builds with the same results.


Tim D

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Doh, right after I posted this i realised it was the $ in my property expansions that was causing the issue. I am using a workround $DOLLAR$ macro set to the constant '$'.

Is there a better escape character for this purpose?



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